At Incursus, we not only embrace the open-source software movement, we revere it. Our creative and technical teammates are required to create their own open-source projects, or participate in existing projects. Below are some of those efforts. Enjoy!

NOTE: Many of these projects are just getting off the ground, and thus have no initial release. Additionally, we host all of our open-source code repositories via All support for open-source projects is/will be handled there! Unless otherwise specified, Incursus open source projects are made available under the GPL 3.0 license.


In Development Still

July 12, 2016

DrupGit will be a Drupal 8 module that will provide direct integration into GitHub. Features will include direct integration of commit logs, release information, as well as other project-related metadata. It will also feature pre-built Drupal blocks and views for ease of customization. In Phase 2, support will be added for GitLab.


In Development Still

July 10, 2016

L00tGenerator will be a highly configurable, random loot generation service for table-top RPG'ers. It will also feature a web service interface so that non-table-top RPGs (MMOs and mobile apps) will be able to interface with it.


In Development Still

June 29, 2016

DashBang aims to be a extensible, configurable web-based dashboard system.  Ideally for use on large wall-hung monitors, but also supporting multiple classifications of devices, such as laptops, tablets and smart phones. Powered by Laravel/PHP/MySQL.


In Development Still

June 26, 2016

StudioBench aims to provide a workflow platform for iterating between visual/graphic designers and their clients. Targeted functionality will include asset management, annotations, versioning, archival, retrieval, and more! Powered by Laravel/PHP/MySQL.


In Development Still

June 20, 2016

Trackur aims to be a highly configurable, yet simple open-source work ticket tracking system.  Among it's many features will be support for multi-departments, workflow rules, comment support, and more!  Powered by Laravel/PHP/MySQL.