Technical Due Diligence

Does your organization or acquisition target have the "right stuff?"


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I'm a pretty disciplined investor and pretty disciplined buyer. I do my due diligence. I do my homework. I don't waste money.

Bruce Rauner

Technical Due Diligence

The Right Stuff

Technical Due Diligence: The Right Stuff?

Far too many companies are bought and sold with only a passing glance into the underlying technology and culture. We firmly believe that these two are some of the most important areas, and can have a very material impact on the valuation of a business (for better or worse). This is why conducting professional technical due diligence is so important!

If you are an investor, or represent the purchasing side of a business transaction, you deserve a solid independent look inside what makes the engine tick.  If you are the seller, there are a multitude of reasons to leverage our service: gap analysis and peace of mind chief among them.

During the buildup to the Apollo moon-landing missions, a brave collection of astronaut candidates set out to prove that they had "the right stuff."  We take that same approach during a technical due diligence engagement.  We are digital archaeologists searching for the elusive "it factor" when we dissect a technology organization.

  Our focus with this service is on providing due diligence/risk profiling against the technology side of a business or transaction. We do not provide valuation services. If you are interested in obtaining a valuation of your business proper, we highly recommend the services of one of our partner companies: Arpeggio Advisors.

 Multi-Faceted Approach We look at 4 key areas: People, Process, Technology, & Strategy
  People Vitality (Technical Leadership), culture, and other views into a technology organization.
  Process Software Development Lifecycle (SDLC), TTM (Time to Market), Test Driven Development (TDD).
  Technology System vitality, maintainability, code review, scalability, framework usage, continuity, technical debt, and more.
  Strategy Product roadmap, feasibility, market fit, operational planning, and other goodies.


Thorough? Oh yeah.

We leave no stone unturned.  We don't just interview people.  We dig in. We observe.  Why? Because it's the only way to get to what matters - the reality of things.

  B2B Online Marketplace

Conducted a successful technical due diligence engagement for a Jeff Bezos portfolio company. Identified strengths and weaknesses, and constructed a risk profile across all major systems and infrastructure, as well as the staff. Developed and presented a plan to mitigate known risks, as well as close all identified gaps.

  Large ITAD Company

Conducted a successful technical due diligence engagement for one of the world's largest providers of ITAD services. As the company was anticipating a liquidity event, it was imperative that every area of the company was dialed in, including the technology group.

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