Managed Cloud Services

Do you wanna build your business, or manage infrastructure?


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I don’t need a hard disk in my computer if I can get to the server faster… carrying around these non-connected computers is byzantine by comparison.

Steve Jobs, late Chairman of Apple (1997)

Managed Cloud Services

Focus on the Business, not the Infrastructure!

Software-focused tech companies, especially SaaS providers, have enough to worry about in developing their platform, their customer channels and growing the business. Our Managed Cloud Services offering affords you with the opportunity to focus on those important things, while we handle the infrastructure side of things for you.

  Our focus is on providing managed cloud services for Linux/UNIX-based servers.  If you are interested in Microsoft-based cloud solutions (Azure), we encourage you to visit our good friends at Aptera, Inc..  They're the best!

  Linux/UNIX Servers CentOS, RedHat, and other popular open-source distributions. Amazon's EC2 or Google's App Cloud!
  A Watchful Eye Real-time monitoring, intrusion detection, vital signs, security patches, and other cloud goodness!
  Horizontal Scaling Cloud elasticity, super-fast response time, and unbelievable application availability!
  Managed Apps We can manage your open-source applications for you! Drupal, Wordpress, or anything else!
  DevOps Love Automated application deployments, system and stress testing, and more!

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