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If you've never programmed a computer, you should. There's nothing like it in the whole world. When you program a computer, it does exactly what you tell it to do. It's like designing a machine — any machine, like a car, like a faucet, like a gas-hinge for a door — using math and instructions. It's awesome in the truest sense: it can fill you with awe.

Corey Doctorow, Little Brother

Custom Application Development Services

Coding is Life.

Application development, or simply coding, is much more than just a means to an end. It's elegant. It's illuminating. It's life! And our team members have experiencing building amazing applications for companies of all sized — from startup companies all the way up to the Fortune 100.

Combined with our creative design service, your vision will come to life faster than you can say "ternary operator". Once your application is ready, we can move it to the cloud for you and monitor/scale it for you while you focus on growing your business! Once we kick off your project with our Solution Design Engagement (SDE), the game is on!

  Our focus is on developing software using proven open source frameworks.  If you are interested in Microsoft-based solutions, we encourage you to visit our good friends at Aptera, Inc..  They're the best!

Custom Application Development (aka Thingz We Like To Build!)

Our application development capabilities run broad and deep. We like to build "thingz" in general, but these are some of our favorites! If your project requires something not on this list, reach out to us anyway. Let's talk!

  Web-Based Applications Enterprise Apps, Social Sites, Online Marketplaces/Exchanges, B2B, B2C, whatever!
  Web-Based Dashboards Widgets, Backend Integration, Disparate Data Sources, AJAX and/or Web Socket based!
 Mobile Applications Interactive Promotional apps, Social media apps, mobile games, you name it!
  Games Unity-based games, 2D, 3D, side-scrollers, promotional games, and more!
  Oddities Weird things that no one else wants to touch with a ten foot pole. Let's chat!

Our Capabilities

We use so many tools and platforms in our application development pursuits that it would be impossible to list them all on this page! However, these are our specialties and faves right now. If your project requires something not on this list, reach out to us anyway, as we might still in a position to help you (or at least refer you to one of our partners/friends).

  Web Applications Laravel/PHP, Ruby/Rails, Python, jQuery, Drupal, whatever. If it's open source, we love it!
  App Integration Web services, APIs, legacy integration, you name it. We love making things work together!
  Mobile Applications Native apps, iOS, Android, Appcelerator/Titanium, erry day!
  Data Modeling & Conversion MySQL, MariaDB, Postgres, SQLite, Redis/Couchbase/NoSQL ... oh yeah!
  Full Agile Workflow Standups, SCRUM, iteration, and your involvement. It's a fabulous formula!

 Still Using Silly Old Spreadsheets to Track Stuff?

Our Application Development services have you covered! Let our team help you create a custom application that simplifies your business processes, and delivers the right data, to the right person, at the right time!  Toss those spreadsheets!

xTreme Results

Our team members have enormous experience in driving application development projects across the finish line.  Here are some examples of past work by our team members:

  Amusement Park Queue Line

Built a life-size, interactive gaming experience for the world's largest theme park operator, located in Orlando, Florida.  The experience utilized body gesture recognition and automated crowd segmentation to create an experience in which hundreds of people participated simultaneously. The experience was designed to give customers in the queue line something to do while they waited for the ride!

  Outside Plant Engineering App

Built an Outside Plant Engineering system for one of the world's largest telecommunications companies.  Field engineers would create CAD/survey drawings in the field, and those were uploaded to a web application which parsed and validated the schematics based on a set of regulatory and municipal rules before sending them downstream in the process.

  Automated Tape Sanitization Engine

Built an automated system for bulk sanitization of over 1M archive tapes for the world's largest search engine company. The system provided real-time statuses of each tape being sanitized, and handled labeling, I/O and other errors, and tape fingerprinting.

  B2B Online Marketplace Dashboard

Built a real-time web-based dashboard for the world's largest online marketplace for custom manufactured goods (a Bezos Expeditions portfolio company). The Drupal-based dashboard featured realtime RFQs, quotes, views, RFQ awards, and other data relevant to the marketplace.

  Enterprise Ticketing System

Built a highly configurable enterprise ticketing system for one of the world's largest providers of ITAD services (IT Asset Disposition). The engine supported multi-departments, workflow rules, a commenting system, and integration into key warehouse systems.

  IT Asset Redeployment System

Built a web-based IT asset redeployment system for use by the world's 5th largest bank (and the largest bank in the United States). Used primarily for staging and redeployment of ATM machines, the system supported data feeds, scheduling, logistics integration, and more.

  Cloud-Based Call Center

Built and deployed a cloud-based call center for the world's largest logistics company, headquartered in Germany. The platform supported VOIP, configurable workflow/routing rules, agent skillset management, time management, whisper/coach mode, and other key features.

  IT Bootcamp Engagement

Designed, developed, and instructed an IT "retooling" bootcamp curriculum for one of the nation's largest investment banks. The program successfully re-skilled an entire division of veteran mainframe programmers into newer web-based and client/server technologies. The capstone of the curriculum was the redesigning and rewriting of a key legacy application.


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