DashBang aims to be a extensible, configurable web-based dashboard system.  Ideally for use on large wall-hung monitors, but also supporting multiple classifications of devices, such as laptops, tablets and smart phones. Powered by Laravel/PHP/MySQL.

Planned Features

Note: Despite the lack of an initial commit to the repo, most of these features have already been implemented to some degree or another.

  • Widget-based paradigm
  • Support for framed and frameless widgets, scrolling widgets, and alert widgets
  • Websocket-based updates for communication to widgets
  • Full event bus in the widget API
  • Multi-user/multiple connections to the same dashboard
  • Roles/permission system at the dashboard and widget level
  • Dashboard theme support
  • Dashboard "remote control" to send dashboard commands to all connected clients
  • Admin panel for dashboard, widget, user, and connection management
  • More!

Stay tuned to this space for updates!