Thanks for stopping by! We hope you enjoy these really cool artistic creations from our design team. Whenever we have spare cycles, we like to create things like this and have a little fun (and some friendly in-house competition while we're at it!). If you find our creations of interest, it would thrill us to no end if you would consider Incursus for your creative/design and mobile/web application development needs!

Open Source Initiative Wallpaper

The Open Source Inititiative (OSI) has been around since 1998, and has been the tip of the spear for championing open source collaboration in the industry. Without their leadership, who knows where we would be right now? Thankfully, they are around, and continue to lead the way for us true software geeks. So, our creative crew found it only fitting to put together this little homage to our fearless leaders, illustrated with the global village that truly is the open source movement! #love!