Tech Startup Veteran Scott Burkett Launches Incursus


Atlanta, Georgia, July 8th, 2016 — Longtime Atlanta tech startup advocate Scott Burkett today announced the launch of Incursus (, a boutique creative-design and open source software studio. Leveraging the vast collective experience of the founding team, the company will focus on offering services in 4 key areas: creative & design related services, custom application development, managed cloud services, and technical due diligence services. 

"More so now than ever, companies need a reduced time-to-market for their web and mobile software applications. Often, this comes at a sacrifice in terms of creative design and feature set. We're taking the view that those things don't necessarily need to be sacrificed just to meet a deadline." says Scott Burkett, founder and CEO of Incursus. "If you have the right team and processes in place, you can actually gain quite a bit more horsepower and velocity towards your end goals. Having a strong creative workflow, and then building those applications using proven open-source technologies, in an Agile lifecycle affords you the opportunity to get to market quickly without sacrificing your feature set." 

Burkett also pointed out some of the pitfalls of offshore development, a widely-used tool and a very visible segment of the industry. "Offshore development presents pitfalls for many projects." added Burkett. "Of course there is the potential language barrier, the time zone shuffling, and the ever-important security and geo-political concerns, but there is a far more important aspect that a lot of people overlook, and that is context. I've offshored plenty of software development efforts over the years, and I've gotten back plenty of functional software. However, I have rarely gotten back what I needed in terms of creativity and extensibility. It’s not a question of offshore development talent, but the necessary nature of the relationship between offshore developers and their customers.  The kind of communication that promotes creativity in development just isn’t possible. If the roles were reversed, the effect would be the same." 

CIO Magazine recently published that one trend in 2016 will be that "offshore captives will come back." Burkett weighed in on this trend by stating "It makes perfectly good sense, in so many ways. Security of information and confidentiality is always going to be a huge concern, but even more so in this day and age of digital espionage. But equally as important is the reality that companies are going to need to change the way they outsource, in order to shrink the time-frames on software development efforts. Agile outsourcing teams will replace traditional development methods. The modern software development process  will be fast and furious all the way around, just the way we like it." 

Incursus is able to achieve these client outcomes thanks to itsunique company culture. "When we formed Incursus, we did so with a "Culture First" approach.”, said Burkett. “We have a culture that embraces our teammates - we prefer that term over ’employees‘. Our culture also makes things such as flex time, lifelong learning, and charitable giving a part of our fabric right out of the gate, and not as an afterthought. For example, we have implemented a unique compensation structure that provides monetary rewards based on the success of our clients’ outcomes. We also hold the view that ideas are, in effect, "currency", and our compcnsation model provides specific rewards for ideation as well.  The result is client outcomes that are timely, feature rich, and delighting beyond expectations.

Mike Blake, founder of Apreggio Advisors, a leading business valuation and strategic advisor to emerging technology companies, and coach of 7 winning business plan competition teams said, “There are, of course, many application development providers.  What differentiates Incursus is their perspective as entrepreneurs – the ability to see projects as the entrepreneur does, which enables Incursus to partner with their clients to produce outcomes that lead to rapid customer adoption, and open opportunities for significant venture funding.

”The market is ready for disruption in outsourced software development and strategic advisory services.”, said Burkett. “We anticipate that many of our clients will be those who have used outsourced development in the past and weren’t completely happy with the outcomes.  We’re going to show them and the world that outsourced development doesn’t mean second-rate.”



About Incursus. Inc.

Incursus, Inc. is a boutique creative-design and open-source software studio headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia. Founded in 2016 by technology veteran Scott Burkett, Incursus provides creative design, custom application development using open source technologies, managed cloud services, and technical due diligence. Additionally, the company has a program for startup companies aimed to help them affordably satisfy their technology needs.

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