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From 2D UI design and illustration to concept art and 3D modeling, our creative team can bring your brand and products to life quickly through our unique creative design process!

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Learn how the Incursus team can help your organization realize the full potential of your software vision through our custom web, mobile, & backend application development services.

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Whether you are deploying to Google's Cloud or Amazon's EC2 environment, the Incursus team can help boost your devops flow through our managed cloud services offering!

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If you are an active investor, engaged in the M&A process, or you simply want to obtain a "clean bill of health" for your company, we can assist you in performing technical due diligence.

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Latest Incursions

The latest news and happenings from our little corner of cyberspace ...

Tech Trends Worth Noticing (That Are Not AI, VR or Bitcoin)


September 12, 2017

Much hype surrounds AI, virtual reality and blockchain technology, but there are other developing technologies deserving of attention too. Examples include civic tech, gene editing, personalized technology and advancements in energy.

A Stroll Around the Block (Chain)


September 1, 2017

Like so many things in technology, blockchain's promise is largely unrealized. But its potential would seem to be unlimited. Is it really positioned to become Web 3.0? Lots of really smart people think so.

8 Trends Taking Over Design in 2017


August 28, 2017

While staying original, digital designers and business owners should also be aware of current trends. The following digital design concepts are showing up over a wide range of design projects in 2017.

The Internet of Things And Your Privacy


August 13, 2017

While exact numbers are unknown, estimates are that by 2020, more than 50 billion Internet of Things (IoT) devices will be sending your information and that of other consumers to manufacturers of those devices. There are many great features offered by IoT technology, but the price for this convenience is the loss of privacy.

Does Your App Have to Follow Other States' Laws?


August 13, 2017

As e-commerce expands, more states are trying to regulate online purchases, web subscriptions and even free downloads. Because apps can instantly go global, this creates huge headaches for developers who now need to be aware of laws in places they've never been.

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